Saturday, September 27, 2014

Finance Security- Saving Money...!!!

Hey Y'all,

Life can be hard sometimes. A lot of this comes from stress over working and not making enough to cover all the bills. Life can be so stressful that sometimes you feel like you'll never crawl out of that hole. But the hole can be conquered, so don't give up. I know it's possible because I'm doing it.

I've been working on paying off my debt for a long time now. I can only afford to make the minimum payment each month. All I really care about is that it's getting paid. I just want to improve my credit score. Once that goes down, its hard to rebuild. I've had my share of trouble. A lot of my troubles stem from money. I feel like money is out on a vine and I have to work very hard not to try and spend more above my means. I think a lot of people have this problem. I sure as hope I am not the only one. On top of that, being a college student can drain you as well. College requires money, most of which I don't really have.

Someday I hope to get better at my saving habits. The most affective of this is sticking any loose change and cash in a mason jar and letting it just sit there. I also put my credit cards there so I can't use them unless I really have to. This helps prevent from unnecessary spending on my part. So far it works.

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