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School is Almost Over for the Semester...!!!

Hello Bloggers,

So I know its been a long time and I am so sorry about that. I just never seem to find enough time in my day to sit down to blog about it. Any who, nothing new is really happening in my life. I read three good books so far this year. The Antelope Wife: a book by Louise Erdrick, The Gathering: the first book in the Darkness Rising series by Kelly Armstrong, and The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvator. All three are incredible reads and I suggest that you all go out and find them for yourselves. I personally love horses and The Scorpio Races really had that element throughout the entire book. I also love animals, so in The Gathering, I could really connect with the main character, Maya. She has an awesome gift and I wish I had it too. And the last book, I read for my online Mythology Course and I it turned out to be a very good read. It really made you think and connect the dots between the characters and the events that fell around them. Now of course this isn't deep into review. I might actually do one for The Gathering. I haven't decided yet. 

In other news, school is almost over for this semester and I'm happy that it is. I love online classes...I have more time for work and my boyfriend but I feel like I missed something in my US History course. I think the professor could of approached it a little differently. I think if he would of tried to connect with us on a higher level and spark interest, then maybe I would of liked it better. Also I can't believe I was so lazy last year and didn't read my goal in books for Goodreads. This year I plan to strive to do better.

Well that's all for now. I'm not gonna make any promises about when your see me again. 


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Hey Y'all.

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