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*The Races Begin in November*

Title - The Scorpio Races
Arthor(s) - Maggie Stiefvater
Pub. Date - 1st of March,2013
Publisher - Scholastic, Inc
N.Of.Pages -  Four hundred and Sixteen

The Summary on The Back of My Copy - It is the first day of November and so, today someone will die. Even under the brightest sun, the frigid autumn seas is all the colors of the night: dark blue and black and brown. I watch the ever changing patterns in the sand as it's pummeled by countless horses. They run the horses on the beach, a pale road between the black water and the chalk cliffs. It is never safe, but it's never so dangerous as today, race day. 

What a Girl Wants in Her Books - This is a story about finding the person you are on the inside. The kind of person who is willing to keep a family together , no matter how small the family is. A girl who is willing to do anything to keep her normality a reality. She fights for what she believes is right and takes no as a suggestion. Everyone on the little Island she calls home is against the idea of her riding in the November Races. A time when danger and death link hand in hand. She fights for her family home, her best friend, Dove, and a boy she has yet to understand. She races because its not only something she has to do but she wants to prove that she can do it. Possibly only to herself. She fights for survival. 

I knew that after reading the The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy that I wanted to read more works by this author. When I saw she wrote a book about horses, I couldn't help myself. Anyone who knows me, knows I love horses. So I picked the book up at my local library and was so excited to get started. This book wasn't half of what I expected it to be. The tale of the water horses, really got to me. I found it fascinating that horses could come from the sea. Even if they are monsters. This idea that the water horses and the island of Thisby lived in harmony made me wonder. It made me question weather dark and light could live together this way.The people relied on the horses to keep the old traditions alive, yet they also put everyone at risk on the island. The water horses are dangerous. And then there is the main character of this story, Puck Connolly. A girl who is fighting to keep her brother Gabe on the island. Gabe dreams of a different life, somewhere where the water horses and the smell of the sea don't coexist. Sean Kendrick has one foot in the sea and one foot on the land. This draws Puck to him. This couple has such a strange relationship and I absolutely love it. The way they are are around one another. Its a simple yet very sweet relationship that some girls would dream of. 

I don't know if I could relate to the characters. If I would say I connected to any of them. It would have to be Puck. She reminds me mostly of my little sister really. A driven girl with a dream. My little sister is persistent and will do anything to get her goals accomplished. She taught herself how to ride a bike and to swim underwater. She is our little mermaid of the sea. Lol. Anyway, Puck and I aren't that much alike. I dream of owning a horse and she already has one. I dream of living in the country and she already does with her two brothers, Gabe and Finn. I wish I was more like her. She's brave. I think that is a very honorable trait. A trait I wish I had. This girl works for her way of life and I admire that greatly.


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