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Busy Is Not My Cup Of Tea...!!!

Hey Everyone,

So I've been so busy with my life that I haven't had a chance to blog recently. To be honest not a whole lot has happened. Don't get me wrong, I love to blog. I just haven't had a chance to. It really sucks because this makes me feel like I've been lazy. The truth be told I have been lazy. I've been lazy everywhere in my life.

I went to the doctors recently and the nurse weighed me and the results were alarming. I use to weigh 126 and now I weigh 144. I gained 18 pounds over a year. I feel like that is a lot of weight to have been gained over such a short period of time. I'm really freaking out here. And the worst part is that when I look at myself all I see is the fat. I suffer from body issues. I've had them since I was 15 at least. After I realized that I'd let myself go. I really need to work out. I want to loose the weight I gained. I just don't want to accept how much weight I gained. It makes me feel really fat and terrible and I can't accept it. I tried. I tried to understand how this could of happened. I know I stopped working out because I don't have any free time between my work schedule and classes and homework. I'm really depressed guys about my weight.

I promise I will start blogging again once classes end in May. I can't wait to have time to myself again. I should have a whole bunch of free time. I should be able to blow away my weight and start working out again.


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Hey Y'all.

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Well that is all.