Friday, March 08, 2013

The Best Movie I've Seen So Far...!!!

Hey Readers,

Yesterday my little sister and I decided to watch some movies on Netflix. The first movie we began to watch was The Aristocats, a Disney movie. The Disney movies always remind me of my child hood. I loved these movies and hey bring back fond memories for me. So we were scanning through the list of movies available to watch on her Xbox 360. She starts to play Super 8 and I look over at her and say "I've already seen this movie." She looks at me with a sneer, a glare in her eyes and says "God, why do you always do that."

I watch too many movies according to her.  So you know I apologize and we continue looking. We came across Season of the Witch. I've watched the commercials for this movie on the TV and thought it looked pretty terrible. We pressed play to watch it and we couldn't keep our eyes from being fixed onto the TV. The movie was amazing, the story was easy to follow and the characters actions weren't easy to guess. I loved this movie so much. I would recommend that everyone watch it, it's that good.