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What I want for Christmas...!!!

Hey Readers,

I want to know what everyone wants for Christmas. I have two different lists that I've made. One I've sent to my boyfriend, Josh on FB (facebook) and the other one I have neglected to print out. I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted for Christmas this year. When I asked Josh what he wanted for Christmas, he just told me to surprise him. I love him very much. He's my first real relationship that's lasted longer than three months. I've come up with at least three great gifts for Josh. I however will not tell anyone what they are because my dear readers that would ruin the surprise and I can't do that. But seriously, what should I ask for? What should I put down on my list? I just need money and to continue to be happy with my boyfriend. That's all I could ever hope for.

Tuesday was my last day of classes. I had my math final which lasted till three thirty. I think I did okay but, I'm not sure because I usually don't do well on tests. Especially tests I don't study very hard for...haha. I'm not one for studying anymore. I also don't seem to want to do anything. I don't have to spend my time driving back and forth to class, so this is pretty sweet. I just get to relax. But I will soon get very tired of that and I plan to start to work out again. I really hope to plan to work out.

I think I might go back on the whole tattoo idea. I don't think I could handle the pain. I wish I could. Tattoos are great forms of art. I don't think I have a tolerance for pain.

I just realized I forgot to include the list of what I want for Christmas here. Ops.

1.   EBay – Mid Calf Knee Toe Slouch Comfort Causal Flat Women’s Boot Black or Brown, Size 10 ($14.99 + tax)
2.   New Horse Figurine from Michael’s Art Store – Arabian Horse
3.   Hair Straightener for Hair – Can be a Mini
4.   Wireless Mouse for Laptop
5.   Dishonored for PS3
6.   A Tinkerbell Wheel Cover for My Steering Wheel
7.   Gift cards– Giant Gift Card so I don’t have to spend  my paychecks back into Giant, GameStop   would be awesome because I have another game on hold at gamestop
8.   Nail Polish – Oranges, Greens, Blues, I like colorful things
9.   Animal Parade for Wii
10. The Hobbit – Book (Paperback)
11.  Sheets for Shannon’s Bed
12.  Craft Supplies – Paint, Glitter, Color Pencils, Oil Pastels, Charcoal, etc.

Well that's the list for the rents. I don't really know what else to add. I don't want very much this year. 


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