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Holland Lops Are So Cute...!!!

Hey Readers,

So someday my parents will be moving out of this town house thing that we call our home. We hope to find a place for rent that has a fenced in yard for Nimue and three bedrooms. I believe those are on my both my parents Christmas wish lists, which is funny because I haven't exactly given them mine yet. Oh well. I'll get around to it. 

This is Babs.
A Holland Lop up for adoption
at the Local Humane Society.
This is the color of
rabbit I would like to get. 
What I want more than anything in the whole world is a baby or young adult Holland Lop bunny. I've been looking up pictures of them everywhere. I told my boyfriend that for Christmas, he should buy me one. I showed him a few I really wanted. I smiled and said I wanted two, until he noticed the price (which was cheap compared to the one I got before) and was like "Oh wow. And you want two of them?" Yeah, so I'm a little over excited about them right now. Do any of my fellow bloggers either have or know anything about theses adorable bunnies? Well they are the smallest breed of lop but I don't believe they are the smallest rabbit breed. I think that is the Dwarf Rabbit who tends to be very small in size. These rabbits are known for their friendly disposition. They love to be held and petted and played with. They are a perfect first pet for any child who has never had one before. Hollands are very gentle and loving. Who could go wrong with a rabbit like that. 

Holland Lops come in many different colors. which is why breeders tend to raise the price for the ones that are rare. When adopting a Holland Lop, expect to be paying between $40 to $80 dollars. They don't come cheap but these little guys are worth it. 
This is what Holly looked like.
This color is known as a Solid Tort. 

When I lived in Florida, in Clearwater with my Dad. He let me bring a Holland Lop into our home. Of course back then I wanted to start a Rabbitry for myself. But those plans kind of destroyed themselves. Anyway, I had gotten a photogenic little solid tort female, who I later came to call Holly. She was such a sweet rabbit. I adored her. I had to give her up for reasons that I am ashamed to speak about. 

I loved her very much and I miss her very much. But my dad gave her away to a family who had children. So I'm sure she was in good hands. I should of told him to bring her along. I wanted her along with my cat, Smokey. But he didn't. 

If anyone knows of any of theses rabbits for adoption in my area. Please send me a comment. I am looking for a new rabbit to bring into my home. 


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