Friday, February 17, 2012

Forbidden Ties: Chapter One - Sneak Peek

Luke stared down at the cherry wood coffin, holding someone very dear to him. His grandmother stared back with closed eyes. Everyone was coming up to Luke's grandma and saying their farewells. All except for Luke.

Why did you have to leave me so soon Grandma? He thought.

"I have so many questions to ask you. Your the only person I can..." Luke looked around and lowered his husky voice, trying to choke back tears. " Your the only person that understands my gift."

Exhausted and a little overtaken by weakness, Luke collapsed to the floor gasping as his tears ran viciously down his cheeks and onto the soft plush carpet. A woman stood next to her grandson, not sure whether or not she should show herself to him.

"Luke please don't cry. I'm not leaving you yet."

Oh, great. He thought, know I'm hearing voices.

"Luke, it's me. Your Grandma." Luke smiled to himself.

Now I know I'm crazy. My grandmother is dead; a plain old jane inside that coffin. Luke wiped away his tears and sat down next to his family. Then he saw her. Luke blinked. He blinked again, not believing what he saw. Standing next to the coffin, was an old wrinkled woman. She had grandma's eyes, grandma's face, and grandma's clothes. But that's impossible he told himself. The old woman looked at him. Her sweet tender eyes sad. Luke looked around but no one else noticed that Grandma was here, watching her own funeral. Luke sat up and walked quickly to the back of the church, hoping she would follow him.

She did.

Luke turned around to find her right behind him. Grandma looked at Luke, her eyes changing colors.

And now Forest Gold.

Her eyes had never done that before.

"I didn't leave you, Luke." Luke looked down at his feet. "I know. But your the only person who knows about this curse of a gift."

She smiled at him, watching Grandpa walk up to her coffin. Grandpa knelt at the coffin. The old man couldn't move on. He'd lost everything he'd known, loved, his whole life was in that coffin. Laying with her eyes close. Grandma turned back to Luke, tears falling down her cheek. Her eyes wise with the wisdom she once had.

"Take care of Grandpa. He needs you know more than ever." Luke nodded. He knew he wouldn't have a chance.

"Luke. Don't worry about your gift." she paused, "your gift will take you places one day."

Luke shifted under his own weight. He felt like his own feet were becoming wobbly, just like jello. He wanted to close his eyes and never come back again. It was too real. It was too much to take in. His head felt as if it were going to explode. The pain was overwhelming. Luke's brain couldn't take it anymore. The truth was over bearing his ability to think straight.

"Grandma." he looked at the woman he loved so much, "  How will my gift do me any good? I don't understand it. I don't even know if I can handle it."Grandma's eyes turned ice blue. "Everything will come with time, hun."

She smiled brilliantly at him. She looked so young compared to her doppelganger in the cherry coffin. "In time you'll learn how to use your gifts for good. Never for evil Luke."

Luke smiled admiring his grandmother's cheery spirit. Her voice was different. She didn't sound like her old self. She didn't have a raspy voice like she once had. Her voice was sweet and pure - flowing like silk through a silver blur. Grandma's laugh was different too. When she laughed the world seemed to light up around her. Bringing or surviving with her happiness. For her the world was different. The world had gotten much brighter since her death. She could see all the colors that weren't supposed to be visible to human eyes. Hues of reds, blues, all the colors of the rainbow. Rays of light protruded from every living thing. Grandma looked at Luke. He was filled with sadness but underneath it all shone happiness. Pure happiness. Clean happiness. Happiness that survived inside Luke. Deep inside Luke. As long as he keeps that happiness welled inside himself, he will never be evil.

Grandma knew one day that one day her grandson would do great things. Grandma looked up to her coffin. She smiled knowing knowing that she would always be kept in their hearts. That's where she belonged. The a white pure light engulfed her. She turned to look at Luke. Luke stared at his grandmother, the one true person who really knew him.

"Luke, I see the light. It's so beautiful. Do you see it, Luke?" Grandma smiled her wrinkled hand reaching out to pat Luke's shoulder.  He felt the touch but it wasn't like a real touch.

His shoulder tingled. "I think I must leave Luke. It's my time. I love you."

Then without another word she walked away. He watched as she faded into nothingness.

She's in a better place. He thought.

Somehow Luke just knew that she had passed over into the light. Luke's eyes began to water and he tried desperately to wipe away the tears. The cool drops ran down his cheeks. His vision blurred and he no longer wished to be in this cold dark unforgiving place. Something pricked at his neck, giving him the chills. Automatically his hand flew to the back of his neck. A cold burst of wind flew up his back distracting him. Shriving he wrapped his arms close to my body. Something felt as though they were breathing down his neck. The ground beneath him began to spin. Taking him in circles. Faster, Faster, and Faster. All of a sudden Luke started to see gray spots.

Must keep them open. He thought.

Luke gasped for breath, knowing it would probably cause a distraction. Faintly he heard his mother and father rush to him as his legs gave way to the floor. His mother wrapped her arms around him.

"Luke! Luke! Wake up Luke! Open your eyes, Luke!" His mother kept saying his name.

He could hear his father in the background. "Hello, 911. Help my son just collapsed. No, he's still breathing. It seems to be coming quicker than usual. Thank you so much."

Then everything went silent and Luke was free floating around his mind.

"Mom," Luke waited but nothing. "Dad," no one.

A couple months ago, I wouldn't be having these problems. Luke stared at himself in the mirror. His dark bedhead hair fell over his left eye. Concealing it from view. No sign of the dreaded pimple. He smiled. Just a small scar barely visible o his left temple. Luke walked into the lite hallway.

"Luke, if you don't hurry you're going to be late for your first day of school." He grimaced.

It's not my first day. That was two years ago. He thought.

"Okay." He yelled down the stairs.

Luke looked around his room. There was clutter everywhere. Not a spare spot on the floor.  He laughed and picked a shirt off the floor. Lifting it to his nose...

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