Friday, January 06, 2012

Ringing in the New Year...!!!

Hey Everyone,

Okay, so I missed Christmas on my blog. Merry Christmas everyone. I hope everyone's Christmas was as good as mine . I hung out with the family, opened Christmas presents, the boyfriend came over and dropped off presents for the family and he stayed to watch the smile pass around the room. Later we went over to my Aunt Cindy's house to open more presents from mom's side of the family. When I finally got home, my boyfriend came to get me and I went over to his place to be with him for Christmas Night. So I'd say it was a pretty good night.

Also, Happy New Year.

Sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile. Life has been getting in the way. Which for the record is not a bad thing at all. I'm enjoying life actually. I'm working at my new job and I found out recently that they plan on training me to be a cashier. Yay! No more bagging. It's kind of a bummer because I enjoy bagging. And since they seem to want to make me a new cashier, that also means no more clean sweeps. I really like clean sweeps. I'm really nervous about learning to be a cashier.

But in other news, yesterday was my one month mark with the boyfriend. We've been together officially a month now and it's so exciting. I'm so happy and it's all because of him. He's such a great guy. Thank you sweetheart. I can't imagine being with someone else.

So I've come up my New Year's Resolutions. I have three actually. 1. Start Working out Again, get back in shape and toned. 2. Get my Ear's Pierced. 3. Get my Naval Pierced.

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