Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Next Adventure of my Life!


This month has kind of been a big deal for me. I decided that it's time for me to go back home. I already have five boxes packed (a PS3 does not count as a box) and they are ready to be shipped to my Mom's place. I have already started packing my clothes. I'm trying to decide what I will wear for the next week and what I won't. My mom bought the ticket yesterday for my flight home. I also already made plans to hang out with my friend Green Thing.

I'm filled with all sorts of emotions. These emotions range from anxiety to just plain nervous. I am going crazy trying to figure out how this is all going to work. I've got at least a couple boxes to send and I hope they aren't too expensive. In other words I think I'm doomed. But it's okay. In a few months I will be able to drive, work, and do almost anything. It's the perfect set up for me because I've been missing out. Then I'll sign up for college at HACC. I've got a few ideas of what I really want to do. Now I get to go break out my new goal list. Well I've got to write it first.
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