Friday, July 15, 2011

The Beginning of the End!


Three more days. That's all I have left in Florida. It may sound odd but I will miss it here. I love the sunshine. I love the way it feels on my skin. It's a good thing that it's still summer up in Pennsylvania. But soon the fall months will come, the snow will come, and the cold will come. I don't like the cold. My birthday will come and I'll be another year older and my old life will kind of come back to the way it was before I moved to Florida.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last day at work. I will officially no longer be a Zoom Thur employee after Saturday. Yesterday, was supposed to be my last day but then my coworker asked me to come in and I said yes. Can you believe it? I can't even remember how many months it's been since I've started working at the Zoom Thur. Haha, which is kind of sad.

Last Tuesday was my last day as a volunteer at the Library. It was kind of sad. But I'm glad I could help out as much as I could. I feel like volunteering there really helped me in some ways. It pushed me out of my comfort zone. Which is something that usually doesn't happen with me. I like to stay within my box.

Speaking of boxes, I shipped three boxes home. I have two more today to ship. Then all I have to worry about is if my bag doesn't exceed the weight limit at the airport. I don't think it will but you never know. I hope not. It might also be too big but I really really hope not. I think I will be fine. Or well I keep telling myself that.

Well next week will come soon. I'll post as soon as I can.
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