Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Year's Book List!

Eyes Like Stars
By: Lisa Mantchev


"There are stars in her eyes," said Bertie's Mother with a shiver. "She'll have magic enough because of those cursed things."

Verena took Bertie's Mother by the chin, twisting her face to study her closely." Your stars are still there. Faint, but there."

"She will want a life greater than this. I did, too, a long time ago," said Bertie's Mother. "But that know as well as I that it's mot all roses and curtain calls and champagne on Opening Night. It's ugliness and fifth and greed. The bright lights mask the sorrow, but the sorrow is still there. I don't wish that for her."
The Mistress of Revels sat back, her expression solemn. "Will you try to keep her from it, goodwife? Will you tie her to the laundry line with your apron strings? Hobble her at the kness, crush her soul, and break her spirit to keep her safe?"

Bertie's Mother rocked, trying to comfort herself as well as the child in her arms. "Will she be happy?"

I think the cover art for this book is amazing. I'm not really into the theater but I love helping if I can. Last year in High School, I helped with the Custom and Make-Up Crew and I also got involved with Set Design. I really love art so Set Design was an awesome outlet for me. Plus, I also got involved in Art Club and some other fun stuff like French Club. So yeah, I was a little more active my Junior year of High School. But I think this book sounds and looks amazing. I was really drawn in by the cover art. It caught my attention. Plus, the title is pretty awesome too. I hope it's an awesome read. 

Love Britt

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