Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Must Read Book of the Week!


Welcome to Thursday's post. It's kind of late in the whole post it process. Then again I think I'm really far behind. Ugh, I need to catch up. I hate being so uninspired right now.

So these are the books on my list of new books to read :

Currently Reading: Raised by Wolves and Prophecy of the Sisters.

1. Prophecy of the Sisters
2. Generation Dead
3. Graceling
4. Eyes like Stars

So that's my list. I am almost finished with Raised by Wolves and I don't think I am even close to being halfway through Prophecy of the Sisters. But I"m working on them. I really enjoy Raised by Wolves. It's a really awesome read. Prophecy of the Sisters is okay but I'm unsure of how I feel towards this book. The whole story sort of started out slow for me. I am really excited to be reading so much. I love books. To bad Borders had to close down here. Blah. Borders was my favorite store. I could spend hours in that store.

Well that's all for today.
Love Britt
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