Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Must Read Book List...Or Not!

Pre - Prom Spree! 

So this is Thursday's post. I am two days behind but I do however have good reason to be. I mean when your a girl who is trying to make everything run smoothly the day before Prom then you personally should make an effort to take it to the top.

I normally am not one to over do something so much that it makes it feel to me like it's fake. I love living in the moment. So for prom, Amanda helped me figure out what to do with my hair (which technically we didn't think about until the day of Prom) and I painted my nails with a fade - out sparkly gold color. They kind of looked like a French Manicure but not as fancy as one. I was so lucky with my nails because I only had to do them like once. They looked so awesome. Did I mention I love painting my nails? 

I also didn't have to spend money on the dress because Amanda had a few that she let me try on. The red one looked best on me and we fixed the straps so I wouldn't fall out if I bent down. 

So my Pre - Prom Spree wasn't all that hectic. I was pretty good about keeping my cool. I mean I'm not going to spend time freaking out about the small stuff in life. Then again I wasn't really ever one for the whole freak out about something small the day before kind of person.

That's all I've got that's really huge in my life even if it's not as huge as I think it probably would have been for some people. 

Love Britt