Sunday, May 08, 2011

Friday's Short Stories!


This is Friday's Post. It really isn't a short story. But it could be if I wanted it to be. Anyway so back to the subject at hand. 

Prom was on a boat. Or maybe I guess you could call it a Ferry. We had our pictures taken with the water behind us. Then a Professional took our pictures on the dock. It was fun just talking and laughing with people. Once we finally got on the boat, we got ushered to the top deck to take more group photos. Did you know that the stairs for the boat were not made for heels? Haha. That was a fun experience. Yeah, that was kind of impossible, squeezing almost fifty people into the smallest area on the top deck. After everyone had their pictures taken, we chatted and laughed some more. I wasn't too much of a chatter at first because I was around people I didn't really know all that well. After about an hour of being on the top deck they finally let us go to the bottom deck where the party was. We prayed, ate our dinner and sat around chatting for a little more. Then the real party began as the DJ(if that's what you can call her) played music. Some of the music was hard to dance to or had a move that I didn't know. After a while, I was chatting with my best friend and a guy came over asked if either of us wanted to dance. I said No at first and then my best friend kept pushing me to go dance with him. It was a slow song, so I agreed and we danced and chatted. I didn't have my shoes on and so he was asking me if that was my regular height and I was said yes. Then after we swayed to the music five minutes after it was over, we stood on the side and watched other people dance and talked. It was nice. My best friend kept giving me funny grins. At one moment, we were all plotting to get better music to dance to and everyone nominated him to go and so he said he'd do it if someone went with him and Amanda gave me a funny grin and said that I would. I told him if he requested the song, then I'd go with him. Then we headed to the DJ, he had his hands on my shoulders as we pushed our way through the crowd. It was fun. At the end of the Prom, we all went back outside and all just talked. He picked up one girl and held her for a little bit and then he turned to me and said it was my turn, at first I said no but then I put my hand over my eyes and said Yes. So I let him pick me up. It was a lot of fun. 

After Prom, we went back to Amanda's friends house to change and then we headed to Gulf Coast Regal to see Thor 3D. It was an awesome movie. When he was leaving he patted me on the head. I guess soon after he got home, he requested me on facebook. We also stopped at Steak & Shake for food. It was just an awesome night. 

I was out until 3 am that night. I had only gotten three hours of sleep before I woke up around six to be at work at 8 am. Yup, it was a pretty easy day. 

Love Britt