Friday, April 08, 2011

Must Read List!

Hey Bloggers,

I have no idea what to go over next. I mean there is so much I want to read but I need more time to do it. I also need to stop getting so many books from the library. I feel sort of bad because I should write more but I need to finish the books that are next. I believe I want to do Raised By Wolves. So I think I'll talk about that book in this post. So here it goes.

Raised By Wolves
By:Jennifer Lynn Barnes

He's in a cage, I reminded myself, but the words meant nothing to me, because I just couldn't stop staring into his wild eyes and playing the last words he'd said before he Shifted, over and over again. I got bit. I got bit. I got bit.

My thoughts: I think this book sounds really cool so far. I mean I read the back and it sounds awesome and I feel pulled into the story. The front cover could be more exciting however, but uh, who am I to judge. Anyway, I can't wait to start this book.

Recommend it: I'll get back to you on that. Once I actually read it, then I'll tell you if I think anyone else should read it.

Love Britt