Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday's Nano Dare!

Nano Dare!

Dare: Write a Heated Discussion between all my characters while in a broken down elevator.

"Dammit!" Will yelled sending her sneaker into the sliding doors of the elevator. 

The doors didn't budge and this this helped the situation become much worse than it already had to be.

"Why won't these stupid doors open?" Marine whined throwing her fingers over the buttons to the elevator. 

Marine turned around to face the rest of the group who were stuffed into the elevator with her. She pointed a well manicured hand at Lucas who just stared at the unwelcoming gesture.

"Lucas, do something!" Marnie yelped jabbing him in the chest and pulled him towards the door. 

He smiled at her pulling his arm out of her death grip. 

"Marine, I'm sure everything will be fine. Just take a deep breathe and count to ten." Lucas pulled out his cell and his eyes lost the sparkle that so many girls had claimed thrived in them. 

"Whats - whats wrong?" Casey blurted out the question looking sort of like a dog with it's tale between it's legs. 

She was trembling. Their stares bore into her and made her very nervous. 

"It's nothing." Lucas said slowly while his face flushed a sickly white color.

"Lucas?" Willow and Marnie said in unison.

Marine pulled the cell out of Lucas's grasp and looked it over. A shrill scream escaped from her lips as the phone dropped to the floor with a small thud. 

"There's no signal. There's no way to tell people we're trapped in here." 

The students all looked at one another, studying each other. Marine who was having trouble breathing. Will who was thinking of a solution to their problem. Casey who looked like she night of fainted or died and gone to heaven. And Lucas who couldn't have possibly been any paler. 

"So what do we do now?" they said together staring at the lack of bars on their cell phones.

Love Britt

P.S. I didn't read this before I posted it. I'm tired. Also I hope this follows the Nano Dare. I thought the conversation they were having could have been a little more heated but I didn't know how to portray that emotion.