Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Writing on Wednesday's!

03/16 - This last Wednesday's post. I'm so sorry about how far back I am with my posts. It's funny how I actually seem to have time back in my day.

Let's Start Practicing Today!

You've heard millions of people say it. Practice makes perfect and they're right. Practice does make perfect. There isn't a better expression to explain the concept. I personally know that's it's right. If you don't practice at writing then you don't get any better at it. I've been writing consecutively for two maybe three years now and I've seen my improvement. It's almost hard not to notice.

So the best way to get better at writing is trying to find something you like to write. For instance, I love writing about paranormal and supernatural beings and items. Those genres appeal to me more than the others and to me they're more interesting then plain fiction. I also think it's fun to write about ghosts. Mostly its just fun writing about things that don't really exist. 

My advice is to go onto the internet and look up plot sheets, character traits, character sheets, etc, anything you think will help you with your writing. Decide who your favorite author is and study their tone and mood. Figure out what makes them your favorite. Do you like how real their characters are? Or maybe you enjoy their style of writing. Last of all, write. Write until your figures go numb. Once you start writing, you'll learn what your good at and what your not good at. It will lead to improvement and help you as a writer in the long run. 

So that is all for last Tuesday's post. 
Happy Writing.
Love Britt