Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Writing on Wednesday's!

Break Open A Journal!

Some of you may be asking yourselves, Do I really need a journal? Of course not. I just think that journals help people who like to write get their thoughts down on paper. I am a soul believer of the P&P or in other words Pen and Paper. However, keeping a journal is a very basic act and  anyone can do it. 

I have had many journals in the past. I have found that in my many adventures of journals that there are many ways to keep a journal. For example, I kept one journal were I wrote about my everyday life. It was kind of like my diary.

In my opinion, having a journal with my friends was a lot of fun because it brings back a whole bunch of good memories. We would use a whole bunch of wacky colored pens and markers and draw weird creations in the margins. One of us would take the notebook home and the next day, we'd bring it back and give it to the next person. The nickname's I usually used were Tink or Doodles. I guess we did it just to say we did or because it was a lot of fun. I don't really remember.

Why did I use these nicknames? One, I love Tinkerbell. She's one of all my all time favorite Disney Characters. Two, My dad gave me the nickname Doodles when I was little because I had taken a Black Magic Marker and drawn all over the TV screen, the floors, and underneath the table. I've been embarrassed by the nicknames I have been given while growing up.

So if you want to write. Go to the store. Pick out a notebook or journal from the bookstore. Take it home and write down your thoughts. Then if you ever get an idea for a book, just pull out the journal and jot it down. I mean what is better than keeping all your thoughts in one place. Then if you don't want to anyone to find it, hide it or buy a journal that already has a lock and key set in place.

So I hoped this helped a lot of you. I keep a little notebook in my purse. I feel like this is one of the worst blog posts I have ever written. What do you think?

Love Britt