Thursday, March 03, 2011

Where do I write?

Welcome to Wednesday's Post,

Where do I write?

Since I started my blog to focus on aspiring authors and writers. I decided I would start answering certain questions that I think a lot of you would ask or just give you  tips on what I do as a writer to help you to become better writers. I believe in the next generations of writers because I know we can all accomplish our dreams if we set our minds to them. However, this dream is going to be a hard and treacherous journey but we are strong willed and will conquer all in our paths.

Let's start today's blog post. I decided to answer the question "Where do I like to write?".  When I am really getting into an idea for a new book, I'll close and lock my door and pull out a pen and some lined paper and start jotting down my ideas. I'll let the pen take control and write whatever comes to mind. Besides writing in my room, I also enjoy sitting at my desk and typing away at my keyboard. Although I think I spend way too much time on the computer as it already is. In a way, I like to write just about anywhere, as long as it is quite and I can get my thoughts down before they disappear into oblivion then it usually all works out.

But as a writer there are sacrifices that will have to be made. You might find that trouble can come in many different shadows. For instance, you might get a block in the road and find that it is not easily moved(many of us call this writer's block) or you might just not have any inspiration or the time to commit to your story. I understand what it is like to have these evils try to stop my writing but I always prevail. It may take a little time but I always push through the evil and gain back the sunshine that was hanging behind the mountain.

So just remember fellow writers'. You can write anywhere, anytime, as long as you've got a pen and a piece of paper, your stories will fly like a dragon soaring through the sky. Legends and Tales will never cease in the imagination and you'll find that within time, you talents will improve like a warrior who learns how to wield a blade for the first time.

I bless my fellow readers in hope that they will linger over my words. I pray that you do not take writing lightly because writing is not something to be messed with. If you have an ounce of creativity within you then I believe that you can write a tale that no one has ever heard yet.

Love Britt