Sunday, March 27, 2011

Unknown on Saturdays!

This is Yesterday's Post.

The Apollo of Dogs!

One of the largest breeds in the world.

  G is for the Great Dane!

Never ever let your Great Dane do this.
The Great Dane is no mere legend or myth.  They are said to be one of the most interesting and looked upon breeds, the Dane is sure to get your attention when walking through the park with it's owner. 

Beauty, Elegance, Power, and fit for a King. The Dane is one of the most astounding breeds in the world. It originated from Germany (though the name is Danish or suggests it) even though many are unsure of how old the breed really is and most believe that it was at one time used to hunt wild boars. They needed a dog that was brave and courageous, willing to take on anything in its path. As time passed, people started to breed the Dane for companionship and that is where the breed stands today. The Great Dane is a Gentle Giant, loveable, seriously people oriented, and a great family pet. Although it is hard to believe, the Great Dane is a very senstive animal and the any unhappy disturbance in a household and cause the Giant to hide away for awhile. 

Someday I would like to own one of these Gentle Giants. Someday I hope to adopt one from a shelter. 
Love Britt