Friday, March 11, 2011

Short Stories on Friday's!

Welcome to Friday's Short Stories,


Dreams are a part of the human imagination. The Dreamer drifts off to sleep and then the fantastic liquid pools invade leaving no part untouched. What happens when dreams become your reality? What happens when your dreamless? Well then you become Sleepless. 

I stared at the tans walls wondering when I would fall into a coma again. I'd only experienced the high twice in my life. Once when I was a child and the second time I wasn't much younger than I am now. I was the new generation of the human race. Faster. Intelligent. Beautiful. I was far beyond human technology. My creators had made me Sleepless.

These a coma induced states were something my creators had made and distributed to me. I'd always ask why I was being put under these drugs. The middle aged man would look at me with dancing eyes and say, "You are Sleepless. Better than the humans and the wave of the future." I would smile emotionless. I was a puppet for these scientists to probe and I didn't have the power to stop them.

"It's time." someone faintly whispered behind me. 

I craned my neck around to see who was speaking but the darkness engulfed me first. I fell back into the a coma for the third time that year.

While I was under their seductive drugs, I was taken back in time. I watched as the world changed around me. Summer changed to Fall. Joyous children changed into rebellious teenagers. Saplings grew into Trees. Elderly men and women were buried in the ground. This world was a dream and an unkind one at that. Yet somehow, I was curious about this world.

Sleepless was the new dream. The dream of the scientists. For the hybrids to be without the item that pushed the humans to do strange and wondrous things. They didn't want the humans to have that power. The scientists said it was dangerous. I was without and bred to be better. The Lab was my home, where I lived. 

I was the worlds creation and the worlds undoing. I was made to be the hybrid race. To be a better human. I was without dreams, which so many of them had. I was Sleepless. 

Love Britt

P.S. Please remember that all my short stories are rough drafts and could probably use a good critiquing.