Monday, March 07, 2011

Monday's Nano Dare!

Characters Rebel Against Plot!

Dare: We dare you to have your characters completely rebel against your plot to take the book in a new direction.

Plot:This is what I believe my plot is. Willow Crosswick changed schools because she had almost hurt one of her dearest friends. Now in a brand new school, Willow (Will) must make new friends while discovering secrets of the school and herself.

Willow wanted nothing more than to run away from it all. She wanted to have a normal life with normal friends.  But that never seemed to be the case. She hated everything with a real person and what she wanted to do most wasn't even allowed. She'd meant to hurt her friend. They might have been best friends but she wanted her friend to suffer the fate Willow did day in and day out. She saw normalcy as unfair and cruel. Maybe it has to have been too much but no not for her. This was the way life had to be for her. The only life she could really live. 

"Karen," Will yelled, "where is that woman?" as she walked into the small apartment. 

There came no reply. 

Willow scowled, "I really hate her. Going out late, never home. She acts like a teenager."

"You'd never know she was an adult, much less a mother." she thought looking through the cupboards. 

She picked up a box of Mac N Cheese. It was the best dinner in the whole world. It was funny actually because she never ate it right away. Oh, No, reheated Mac N Cheese was the best. She put it in the fringe and walked to her room. 

"I need to organize later." she thought looking around the room.

She pushed a few ppers together, making them look perfect before she sat down on her bed and began to do her home.

"I hate school." she said out load.

So this is what I think a weird rebellious plot would do to my story. I'm not sure if it works but it might. I'm pretty sure there isn't a right way or a wrong way to do this. So there you have it.

Love Britt