Monday, March 28, 2011

Fitness on Sunday's!

03/27 - This is Sunday's post.

What are my Favorite Sports?

I am most likely like every other girl who likes sports. I'm not into Football, Basketball, Soccer, or Hockey. I can't watch a game on TV because it is way too boring for me and I normally don't understand what is going on. I prefer to be in the action at the game.But I'm not competitive so I don't take part in any sports. I usually just like to go to the games to check out the team and to walk around the stadium while watching the game from time to time. If you don't believe me, ask my step dad. He'll vouch for me. I usually went with him so he can't exactly lie to you about what I did and didn't do at the games.

I like what my friend calls the girlie sports, Baseball (not a girlie sport), softball, tennis, volleyball, and Horse Back Riding. The only two sports I take part in are Tennis and Horse Back Riding (but it's not very common). I also only think Tennis is a lot of fun if it's with a whole bunch of your friends who enjoy the game. I can't get into it unless they're into it. I guess I'm just weird like that. I love baseball though. I've been to a ton of Harrisburg Senators Games, One Reading Phillie Game, and One Baltimore Oreoles Game. So baseball was a pretty big part of my life. I hope I'll be able to talk Aaron into going to some of the baseball games here in Fort Myers. I want to check out the team. I also think I should play more tennis. I guess I could add it to the goal list. 

Happy Blogging!
Love Britt