Thursday, March 03, 2011

Border's Goodbye's!

Welcome to Tuesday's Post,

Sorry, yesterday was a pretty busy day and I haven't had any of my posts all made up and ready before hand so I know I seem a little disorganized. 

I can't believe Borders (my favorite bookstore) is going out of business. It's just so hard to chew over. The only thing I think we can blame is the economy because I know it is hitting everyone hard. It's a disaster just waiting to unsheathe it's sword. However, I am proud to say that I got to spend a few last hours in the bookstore last Sunday, enjoying the books one last time. The only place I've ever liked shopping for books. I can't bring myself to shop elsewhere. I refuse. This store closing frenzy will not silence my need to own books or to buy them. That's what the internet is for is it not.

Last Sunday, while I was out shopping at Borders I bought three new books.

1. The Book Thief
2. Howl's Moving Castle
3. Lock and Key

Since Borders was going out of business where I live. I got all three books 20% off their original price. I think the cashier told me I saved like $5.30. I was like that's so awesome. Now the only thing on my list to get is a new Borders Rewards Card. My old one was stolen along with my wallet back in July.  What really made me mad is the person who stole my card, used it in two different locations. Thankfully, Borders Customer Service was able to cancel my card so the person wouldn't be able to use it and then they told me they'd be able to transfer all my benefits to the new card. When I asked the cashier for a new one, she told me that she couldn't give me one. Can you believe that. Hmph, it made me so mad. Then she had the nerve to tell me I could get one online, I was told earlier by Customer Service people that I couldn't get it online. So I was like okay they must have changed the procedure. So I'll be crawling off to do that in a bit.

I love volunteering at the Library. I really enjoy helping people and talking to people. I'm so proud of myself. I taught someone how to use the computer and I was happy to see them smile once they got the hang of it. I also picked up "Six" more books to read. That brings my total to like fifteen...I think.

1. Warriors 2: Fire and Ice
2. Chosen
3. Heist Society
4. Fire
5. Starcrossed
6. Eyes like Stars

Before, I went up to the Library I was at Joyce's house. Sue was showing me all the things I would have to do this week while they are away on vacation. I'll be taking care of Joyce on Friday, Monday and Tuesday. So I won't be able to volunteer Tuesday (which I'm bummed out about). I'm actually really excited to have the house all to myself. Although, I'm not sure how I will get to church on Sunday but I'm sure I'll fine a way. I'll have to ask around to see if I can get a ride.

Love Britt