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Short Stories on Friday's!

Welcome to Friday's Short Stories,

I was supposed to post this yesterday but the internet was still acting up and I knew that by the time it started working again. I wouldn't be able to post. So I decided to wait until today to post. So here is my short story of the week.

The Alley

People keep telling me the world is such a safe place. But if that were really true then there wouldn't be any war, any sexual assaults, any murder, and least of all any hurt. The world is such a safe place alright.  

I took a drag of my cigarette resting in my left hand. I pulled it away and blew out the smoke, trying not to make a face from the aftertaste. Someone was calling my name, so I turned to greet them.

"Hey Baby," a guy swayed up to me, "Why don't I show you a good time?" 

I held back the urge to laugh. I could clearly smell the beer from where I was standing.

I smiled.

"How much are you willing to pay?" I asked putting my hands on my hips.

I couldn't exactly be appalled by the Drunken Casanova. Because I however, was standing out in the most rotten part of the town, in the most sleaziest clothes known to man.

The guy leaned forward, getting a good look down my shirt and smiled, "How about I give you fifty and some other things, Babe?"

He clearly didn't know how to treat a woman. I leaned close to him, making sure my shirt stooped low enough to reveal my breasts. 

"Do you really only believe I am worth fifty, Big Boy?" I said pressing my hand onto his chest. 

"No, I'm sure your worth much more than that Babe but since you're a girl who is working the streets then I bet you work cheap." He swayed looking like he was ready to topple over.

"How did I ever get myself into this?" I thought staring at the sorry excuse for a man standing in front of me.

I sighed. "Fine. So, where do you want to do this thing?"

I looked down the back alley. Trash scattered the payment and there was the overpowering smell of piss. 

"We could do it right here, Babe." he said trying to lift up my shirt.

I smacked his hand away, "I'm sorry. I don't do men in back allies. "

"Bastard." I thought fixing my low-cut shirt.

He studied me for a moment and nodded. 

"Your right. I'll take you to my car." His yellow crusted eyes looked me over and then he turned away.

I followed him with my head turned down as he sauntered out of the alley. He opened the door to a brand new Jaguar. I smiled and took my rightful place, hoping tonight would be over soon. I waited as he fell into the driver's seat. He place his hand on my cheek and then stole the first kiss.

Once it started I knew I was trapped. There was no turning back now.  I just sat there and let him defile me. It only lasted an hour but it felt like it had lasted forever.

I did my best to hide my tears. I watched as he slipped a fifty into the top of my bra and a packet of powder in the other side.

"Get out know, Bitch" he screamed at me. 

I grabbed what I could and opened the door, never looking back. 

Running down the street, in my heels, with only my underwear and a over-sized shirt as protection, must of  made me look like a fool. 

I ran back to my alley and put on all my clothes. If only my family could see me know. I know they'd be ashamed. They'd probably disown me on the spot. The tears came and I wiped them away with the over-sized shirt. I pulled out another cigarette and lit it. I waited for the next man to come along. I waited for all the curse words that were bound to come my way. I waited for the abuse. The Drugs that wee sneaked into my clothes. I waited for the day, it would all be over. When the world would be safe again. When I would be safe. Safe. 

I wrote this at a hard time in my life. I hope you all enjoy this and tell me what you think. I'd love to hear from you. 

Love Britt

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