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Monday's Nano Dare

Welcome to the Nano Young Writer's Program Dare,

Dare: We Dare you to write your characters preparing to do a heist.

"You can't be serious!" Casey exclaimed chewing on a strand of her hair while fidgeting with her skirt pocket.

Willow turned to face her. She ran her fingers through her fiery red hair and smiled mischievously.

"Of course, I'm serious, Case. Why wouldn't I be?" She looked at the frightened girls deep emerald eyes.

"Willow, we'll get in do much trouble if we even try to do something like that." Casye shuffled in her seat staring at the uneaten hamburger on her plate. She was at a lost for eating anything anyway, She pushed the plate away.

"So," Willow paused for dramatic effect, "Are you guys in or what?"

Lucas threw back his head and laughed, "I'm in. Let's do this thing."

Will smiled at him and then looked over curiously at the silver haired girl, "What about you?" She pointed her finger at the girl.

"I'll help," Marine said, "but only as long as you have a plan."

"Come on guys. Please think about what your agreeing to do." Casey whined tugging at her hair.

They all stared at her smiling.

"Don't be such a whimp, Case." Will laughed.

"Come on, we can't do it without you, Case." Lucas smiled.

"If you don't agree to it, then I'll make sure the whole school knows about it." Marine snickered while staring at Casey.

Casey swallowed the lump in the back of her throat and let down her defenses.

"Okay. Okay. I'll do it." She said smiling nervously.

"That's great."

"This is so exciting."

"Sweet. Nice choice."

"So when is this thing taking place?" Lucas asked flipping his midnight locks out of his eyes.

"The heist is going to take place tomorrow." Will said without hestitation, "Be there at Midnight."

"This is going to be the crime of the century." She continued excitedly.

The group all high-fived as they came closer together. Lucas, Marine, and Casey watched Will draw out the pan on a piece of white plain paper.

"So, Do you guys have any questions?" Willow finally said drawing the last crisp line on the paper.

They stared blankly at each other and shook their heads.

"Remember to meet in Retro Park at 11:30 am so we can go over the plan one last time."She smiled putting her hand in the middle of the table, waiting for her friends to do the same.

Hope you enjoyed my crazy scene with my characters from The Light Chronicles

Love, Britt


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