Wednesday, February 16, 2011

36 is for Trente-Six!

Welcome to Writing on Wednesday's,

Since I am currently trying yo juggle my life with this huge decision I am making. I'd figure I'd let everyone else in on the big secret. I'm not planning on going home to Pennsylvania. I hate the cold weather. It goes right to the bone I swear. If you have lived in Pennsylvania most of your life and then all of a sudden moved to Florida, then you would understand what it's like. My blood isn't as thick as it used to be. My family doesn't seem to understand why I feel like if I leave now then all  I would be doing is giving up. They just don't see it the same way as I do.

So let's start with a positive note. I thought I'd try to talk about characters today but I soon realized that I'm not sure if I can truly help anyone or not. So here goes nothing.

Topic: How to I create strong characters?

How do I create believable, strong characters?  As a writer I have come to the same conclusion many times. What makes the character strong? Personality, attitude, traits. What makes the character interesting? Hobbies, life, secrets. What really brings a character to life? Really life adventures, personal happenings, etc. I believe that in order to write a character that is easily related to, you must first think about who is this character will be. Is your character a MC (Main Character) or a Background Character? Is this MC a good person or do they want to rule the world? There are so many endless possibilities.

Why must my character be easily to relate to? I believe that in order to have a good story, you have to have good characters to fill that story with. They can't be flat, lifeless people. No, they have to give something to the story that gets the reader interested. My character Willow, puts on the tough girl attitude when around the people she hates but she holds a soft spot for her friend, Casey, who seems to ignore Willow's more than friendly side. I believe Willow is a strong character. She shows emotion well and I believe that people can understand her at times even if she seems to come off a little harsh. So, in order for your story to carry a strong character, they must be known by the author from the inside out.

What is my secret towards realistic characters? In my books, I tend to give my characters, my problems. This method usually works really well for me. I use my life as a open book for my characters. If something bad happens to me. I make sure my character goes through something that they will struggle with. If I'm mad about something. I'll give my character a problem. Writing is almost like a venting tool. However, I don't always have to vent to get my story moving. I also like doing a Character Chart. I fill in all the information about my character, even the things that will be mentioned in the book so I can become more like the character in the story.

If you want to write strong characters. Then do some research on the traits your characters posses. Make sure no two characters are alike because then the story may suffer. I like to pick up a book that has characters with a strong being.

Love Britt