Tuesday, February 15, 2011

35 is for Trente-Cinq!

Welcome to a New Segment of my Blog,

Drawing on Tuesdays

Okay, I know it sounds really cheesy but I couldn't come up with a better name for it. I tried to think of a better name but I just couldn't. So today I'm going to show off some of my more recent art projects. I'm going to tell you what inspired me to draw them and why I like them. I'll also tell you more about my upcoming projects that I plan to do in the future.


Sketch By Britt Ludington
Medium: Pen
Lately, I have had an odd obsession with drawing fairies. So
I decided I would try my hand at tracing Tinkerbell. She is one of my all time 
favorite Disney Characters. I love Tinkerbell. I really like the first Tinkerbell sketch on the left. I
am very proud of that sketch even though I did trace it from my Tinkerbell Calender.

Fairy Wings 
Drawing By Britt Ludington
Medium: Purple Gel Pen, Pen
I've been really itching to draw fairies lately. I just love mythical creatures and fantasy.
I just want to try and see if I can draw a fairy. I'm not even sure if I can. 
This is the first step I took to begin my Fairy Drawing Practices. I think I am best at drawing the Butterfly Wings. They are the most fun to draw in my opinion because there's just so much 
you can do with them.

Hidden Face
Drawing By Britt Ludington
Medium: Pen
You know what, I don't remember what inspired me to draw this. I remember it started with a tree and then it grew from there. I'm really proud of this drawing. There's just so much going in that really catches the eye and helps the person travel around the drawing. I was thinking of adding color. What do you think?

Trashcan with a Twist
Drawing By Britt Ludington
Medium: Pen
Can you tell I've got a thing for Pens? Or maybe I should say I've got a thing for the ink that comes out of the pen. Hmm, I don't know. I like Pens but they have to write a certain way for my to really get along with them. I wonder if that's odd. I hope not. Anyway, I saw the Neon Green trashcan sitting in my room and decided to draw it. Then I started to draw the eyes up in the left corner of the page and I thought wow, that looks great there. So then I decided to put one on the Trashcan and voila.

Love Britt

I plan on doing some more future drawing practices with fairies and continue to discover new things to draw. It all really depends on my mood and what I feel like drawing. I'm the type of person who has to be kind of inspired to draw. It's easier to do when there are more interesting things to draw in the house.