Monday, February 14, 2011

34 is fro Trente-Quatre!

Welcome to the first ever Nano Young Writer's Program Dare,

Dare: We Dare you to write a scene(or a chapter) using text messages between your characters.

Luke - Hey Willow, Did you know that we are a lot alike?

Will felt the vibration in her back pocket and pulled out her LG Vu. She flipped the phone open and pressed view. The red haired goddess smiled at the message and began to type her own.

Will - What the hell are you talking about? How the hell are we anything alike?

Luke looked down at his phone impatiently. He hated the wait. The boy didn't understand how two phones could be connected to see or receive ones text messages. He ran his finger over the screen making the phone come to life. The screen smiled at him with nothing but its normal apps floating on the side menu bar. He smiled as he saw the message pop up on the screen.

Luke - You can see ghost's can't you? I can! Only one other person knows the truth about me. Please don't tell anyone.

Will - I sort of see people but they're normally in my visions that I have. I think you'd fit right in at the school I go to boy. Why the hell would I tell anyone about you?

Luke - Oh, Thank you, Will. I'm so glad you agreed to not share my secret with the world. So you have visions? That's so cool. I can see the dead. Right now, the only dead person attracted to me is Morgan.

Will - Um...yeah. I guess it's kind of cool. Huh, dead people sound like they would be a lot easier to deal with.

Luke - Yeah. Well hey I g2g. So ttyl. K

Will - Cool. l8r

I thought this writing exercise was kind of cool so I decided to put it up on my blog for todays post. I'll have another one next Monday. I can't wait to write it.

Love Britt