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27 is for Vingt-Sept!

Welcome to Writing on Wednesday's,

As I said last Sunday that I would be starting Writing on Wednesday's today. First off to start my new blog topic, I would like to apologize to all my readers for not posting anything yesterday. I was so busy doing other things around the house that I totally lost track of time and when I looked at the clock last it was almost two in the morning and I was like there's is no way I'm posting tonight.

So let's start off today's topic with a positive note. I feel like life couldn't be anything but stressful right now but I'll try to keep that out of this post.

Topic:Do you want to start writing a book?

Many of you may ask yourselves, Do I want to write a book? Personally I think anyone has the ability to write a book. But what makes a book good? What makes a author really good at what they do? What really draws the reader in? What's selling on the shelves in all your favorite bookstores? Borders, Barnes & Nobles, etc. What genre do you want to write in? Action, Adventure, Romance, Supernatural, Paranormal, etc. Who do you want to write for? Children, Youth Adult, Adult, etc.

Before you become a writing you must ask yourselves. Why do I want to write? Is if for the money, getting some important reward, or is it simply bringing joy to your readers? Some authors (mind you that not all have the same motives) write for the income while others write to get a reward. I personally do not think you should become a writer if you are interested only in the money that you will be making. I think that if this is the only reason you want to write then you seriously should think about your career choice. I believe that writers or authors should write because they love to do it. They shouldn't do it for the money or the rewards that they might receive but for all the people who will read that book and love it from beginning to end. That I believe is a reward all in itself. If you can get a person to pick up your book in a Bookstore or a Library then you have done it. You have been rewarded for all those hours spent trying to make the perfect story, the perfect plot, the perfect characters, the perfect beginning and end.  However, just because I believe that writing for the money is wrong does not mean that you have to have the same views. I wouldn't expect you to. We are all people and we all have different opinions.

Why do I write?  I write for the people who will one day (hopefully) read my work and be like "That was a great book!" or "I could really relate to the characters.". I don't want to write simply for the income. That just isn't my reason to want to write. I want to write to inspire others to do the same. I want young children to look up to my characters and be like "I want to be like so in so.". Why should I write for the income when I believe the true reward comes through my readers? I believe there isn't any other reward than the readers because they are the ones who get your book and set it towards its future of becoming something possibly great.

What Do I suggest other authors or inspiring writers do? If you truly want to write and know that you are doing it for all the right reasons. Then I highly suggest that you get in contact with some of your favorite authors. Tell them about how they inspired you to start writing. Tell them about yourself. Most of all if you already have a rough draft ask them if they wouldn't mind looking over your work. The best advice I believe you receive is from your favorite author. They will be honest with you and understand you. They will be able to answer almost any question you throw at them. I have come into contact with two of my favorite authors in the past, Weezie Kerr Mackey the author of TLAG (Throwing Like A Girl) and Chris D'Lacey author of Ice Fire (Ice Fire is a part of a series).  These authors have brought nothing but encouragement and advice to the table. I can't possibly explain how may times I wanted to thank them for all the advice. I still wish I could meet them in person to thank them personally from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes you can tell when you meet a very nice person and the world seems happy to have them there. I aspire to be like the people who inspire me with their kind words and love. I hope I too can help them by giving advice on their books. I did this for a while for Weezie when I desperately wanted her to write a sequel to TLAG.  One day I  hope she does come up with an idea for an sequel. 

So today I'm ending this post with some encouragement. If you want to write, I say sit down in a place you feel most comfortable in. I feel most comfortable in my room, typing away at  my computer or just pulling out my pencil and paper. Let the pen or pencil hit the paper and write a page. It doesn't matter if it's just babble or if it's a possible start for a story. If you already have an idea for a book, jot it down. Don't let your thoughts easily run away. I am currently working on four different book ideas and I plan to continue on the one because that is the one I feel really into right now.

I hope you walk away from my blog today with inspiration. I hope your dreams become a reality. I hope you one day too inspire people to do something amazing and great with their lives.

Love Britt


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