Monday, February 07, 2011

25 is for Vingt-Cinq!

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So I decided I wanted to take a new approach to my blog topic today. Come to think of it my blog doesn't really have a topic and it will continue to be that way until I can figure out who this blog will be aimed towards. So congratulations for being my puppets in this vast world of ours. Well okay, that sounds kind of rude I do admit. So for today I wanted to take into account that I have five major passions; reading, writing, drawing, and last but not least fitness/health. I care very much about each one and I thought I could incorporate them into my blog somehow. Like for instance I decided that Wednesday will be my Writing on Wednesdays Day. I'm not sure what I will discuss but I got a few ideas rolling through my head so expect that to start on Wednesday. So for today's post I am covering Fitness/Health.

As many of you know I am a Seventeen Magazine reader. I am so dedicated to the mag that I get them in the mail. I have to renew my subscription soon, but that's not the point. Anyway, I enjoy the magazines fitness/health part. I am always looking for new workouts to try because at heart I am a die hard exercise fan. I love exercising but I don't really know why I enjoy exercising. It could be because that after I'm finished exercising, I feel like I am on the top of the world and in control of my life. Plus, I always feel great after I exercise.

Topic:  Vinyasa Yoga (Vinyasa Flow Yoga)

What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga?:  Vinyasa means "breath-synchronized movements" which in my opinion is all types of yoga because in each one you are instructed to move from one pose to the next while doing breathing exercises. So in other words the instructor will instruct you to move from one position to the next while inhaling and exhaling. I hope this makes sense. One of the most common poses that relates to this type of yoga is the Cat-Cow Pose. This pose requires that you inhale on a arch of the spine and than release that breath as you come back to the original position. This is a simpler yoga pose and is great for the Yoga Beginner. I have been doing Yoga for almost five years now and I still consider myself to be a Beginner.

Typical Vinyasa Class: Your Yoga class will consist of movements that are either rung together by a sequence like the Sun Salutations Pose which brings three movements together: Plank Position, Chataranga, and Upward Facing Dog or other movements brought together to make up a workout. This is common in most of the Yoga Workouts that I have done. If you attend a gym and they offer a Vinyasa Yoga class, I highly recommend you take it. Just feel it out. Expect movement because this type of yoga is about movement and breathing and not just stretching your muscles. Some positions you will find to be harder than others but remember not to push yourself over your limit. But if you are self-conscious person like me then you can easily get the same exercise at home. I can't afford to go to the gym so I use the free exercises that we get with our On Demand from Comcast. If you don't get Comcast then you can easily pick up a Yoga DVD from the local Library.

Is if Right for my Reader?: I personally don't believe there is a right or wrong when it comes down to Yoga. If you think you might enjoy it then give it a try. If you don't think you would enjoy it then maybe another form of Vinyasa Yoga would be better suited for you like Bikram/Hot Yoga. Just remember each instructor has his/her own way of teaching yoga and so every teacher you get may be different when it comes down to it. I encourage you to stick through it because Yoga not only is good for the body but is also good for the mind and the soul. Especially if you are a very stressed out individual then Yoga might be right for you.

Fun Facts: When your instructor tells you are "Going through Your Vinyasa or Go Through Your Vinyasa" this statement means that you are doing a sequence move that involves three movements for the Sun Salutations Pose.

All Information Has Been collected from an article stated here: "What is Vinyasa Yoga?" By: Ann Pizer Updated: May 14th, 2010.

I'm sorry I did not have time to properly state my resources above. I will fix tomorrow.

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