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24 is for Vingt-Quatre!

Hello My Little Blogging Buddies,

Wow. That sounds kind of awkward but why should I care. I don't think any of you would judge me badly as of right now. I'll make some kind of strange pledge with myself. Let's see what could my pledge be for this super crazy blog that just seems to be a reflection on my life and feelings. Oh, I know exactly what I want to pledge. "I pledge to make my blog more about writing and less about my boring self." What do you guys think? Is that a super cool pledge or what? I thought so, so I hope you do too.

Do you remember how yesterday I didn't have anything to talk about? Well I actually feel like I have so much to share with you all that I don't know where to start. Today was a very long, annoying, and seemingly productive day. Since I have moved in with my friends family(I've lived with them for the past 7 months and still haven't been able to obtain a job, which is pathetic, I know) I have agreed to do small chores around the house that go together with my other smaller set chores that I do on a daily basis. Well two days ago, my new chore was picking up Jack, the Border Collies dodo and today's major chore was pulling the weeds in the yard. I never realized how hard and tiring that chore can be. I always though oh yeah, weeding, no sweat. I'm glad that now I realize how wrong I was. Even though I was pretty upset when I thought I was all finished and decided to come in and take a shower only to find out later that I wasn't finished and spent another two to four hours out in the front yard pulling weeds and getting dirty, again. It's okay though. I realized that all my complaining made me feel sort of selfish and rebellious. I know I was in the wrong but I had a really good moment where I could laugh about it. My friend's dad came home and her mom must have went over to talk to him and ask him about what I was pulling out and he came over and told me to stop. I felt so dumb because I thought "Oh no. I've made a mistake." It turns out her mom told me to pull out the grass, not the weeds. So I spent two hours at the most pulling out the lawns grass supply. It really will be something that one day I will be able to look back on and laugh about. But until that day comes, I'll just let the day soak in like a nice warm bath after a hard day of work.

I was reading through the new March issue of Seventeen and was flipping through the pages when a headline caught my eye. "How Old Is Too Old?". I thought wow this article really relates to me. Many of you don't know this but lately I've been going through a lot of younger guys when I should be dating guys that are more in my own age range. I admit that dating a younger guy is interesting to say the most but it has it's set backs. Sometime the guy isn't on the same page as me or he doesn't want the same things I do. Sometimes the guy is so immature it burns and sometimes it may seem like he has a ton of good ideas. So I've been through my own deal of good and bad relationships but I still haven't met my perfect match yet. I know he's out there somewhere and I'm hoping that by getting more involved with activities that are meant more for my age range that the chances of meeting an older guy are higher. It's kind of silly to think that I would want someone older. I also think it's silly that some people date guys that are like twelve to thirteen years older than they are. I don't see the perks in that. I think the perfect age for me would be someone who is between the age of 20-24. Five years isn't too big of a number and I would be able to relate with him and enjoy spending time with him. Instead of dating a guy who is ready for marriage, living together, or kids, etc? I believe I am no where near ready for any of those responsibilites yet. Heck, I'm still a kid myself, sort of. I really enjoy getting Seventeen magazine. My friend may turn up her nose at the magazine but I like reading other peoples opinions and ideas. If you never look for new ideas then how are you supposed to let your own creativity shine. I also just enjoy reading and I love the fitness/health section of the magazine because I believe in having a healthy version of myself. I like being healthy and fit. Plus, I'll admit there are parts of my body I don't really like but I'm not sure if I can change them.  So I will struggle to come to terms with them. I'm just like any other girl when it comes right down to it. So right now, I'm that girl who is trying to solve her problems one step at a time. Even though sometimes it seems like the world is pushing all my problems in my face at once. I know I will survive to see another day and another sunset.

So I said I would start talking about writing instead of myself as much. I have already broken that rule but I didn't exactly plan to start it till the New Week begins. What fun is a  new blog change on a Sunday anyway? You'll all just have to wait and see if my plan comes into play. Right now, I'm looking for suggestions as to what to talk about. I want to start doing the things I mentioned in my Blog. So send me your suggestions. I'd love to hear from you.

Love Britt


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