Thursday, February 03, 2011

22 is for Vingt-Deux!

Good Evening,

I've come to suck your blood. Okay, I think that is one of the most overrated sayings that all vampire movies seem to use. Well okay so maybe it's like only the really old ones and some of the new ones. Twilight doesn't count because the vampires sparkle. Don't get me wrong. I'm a fan of the series, no not the movies, just the books. I think the books are awesome but the movies kind of sucked. So I only saw the first movie. I haven't watched the other two yet. Don't ask me why because I don't know.I excepted so much more when I went with my one friend to see them in theaters. It was like, "Hey, I read the book. The book was so  much better."  I hate Frankenstein.

I opened another email account today with a new email provider, I'm not sure why I did. I just sort of did. I remember thinking their account was so much more interesting than my other accounts that I have. I like to be organized. I found this out at a very young age. That could be one of the reasons as to why I enjoy cleaning so much even as a child. I liked to clean. Granted that I had to share a room with my little sister who doesn't seem to understand the idea of having a clean and organized room.

I want to start drawing again. I haven't been able to enjoy this past time lately and I'm really starting to miss it. I love art. I love to draw. So I should do it more often. I want to start drawing fairies, like Tinkerbell. My favorite Disney character next to Tigger.  I mean who can't love Tigger. He's just so so fun and cute. He was one of my favorites too. I go on these urges to draw certain things. I want to draw fairies. I really want to try drawing Tinkerbell. I think I could do. I drew Simba without any help. I just looked at a picture to make sure it actually turned out to look like him. I have an obsession with animals and fantasy.

Time to go finish up my applications for the day. Has anyone ever heard of Johnny Rockets? Nope, me neither. Well enjoy your night everyone.

Love Britt