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W is for Wonder


The Word of the Day is brought to you by the letter W. The Word of the Day is Wonder. I have decided that from now on I am no longer going to give the definition of the Word of the Day. I feel like I am being so lazy not giving the definition but I don't think any of you will miss having the definition around. Anyway, I wanted to use wonder because I believe there are so many wonderful things in the world that we don't fully understand. I have a fascination with the stars in the sky at night. Every time I look up and see them I feel so small and inferior and I like this feeling because it helps me keep in check that you can't judge something just because you haven't seen it before. For example, we know that there are other planets in the solar system and yet when we look up into the sky we can't see them. We just trust that they are there. God is a very big part of my life and He has made a very big impact on my life as well. I put my faith in Him and He does so many wonderful things for people, even if they can't see it.I just wish more people would come to know Him.

Wow, I feel like I don't have much to talk about today. This is unusal for me since lately I can't seem to shut-up about whats going on in life.

Last night, my friend and I stayed up until 3 am in the morning talking about life in general. We have seemed to make this a habit to stay up late on Saturday nights. We usually discuss our problems in life, what we plan to fix, and what we want to do with our lives. I have so all these plans to do something with my life. I'm actually kind of scared that my plans for life will fail and then I will won't be able to accomplish what I want to. I want to be a veterinary technician, but to do that I need to get a job. Which seems next to impossible to do. I'm also getting sick of people making life seem like it's easy and getting a job is easy because let me tell you it isn't. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone could have set me up for life. It seems to be more like something that you get good at as you get more practice.

Well I guess I'll leave off there for today. Have a great day everyone. God Bless you all.

Love Britt
P.S. The Hello of Today is in Russian.


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