Sunday, January 02, 2011

P is for Patience

Hello...Look Out...It's the Second Day of the New Year,

Patience is very important. Do you know why? Patience really comes in handy when you are applying for a job. Like today for instance I turned an application into a place I would consider working for. The manger was too busy to talk and so I had to hand it over to an employee. So, now I have to make myself known to these mangers by doing a follow up. Hopefully I will be able to make myself stand out so they will want to hire me at their store.

If you are a christian, like I am. Then do I have the book for you. The book is The Centurion's Wife By Davis Bunn and Janette Oke. The book takes place in AD 33, Caesarea, Judea Province. You are pulled into the story after Jesus has been crucified on the cross and has risen from the dead. Pilate, a wealthy governor, decides he cannot stand knowing the truth of this so called Jesus and decides he must find someone who give him the truth. The story revolves around a few main characters and than many small minor characters who help the story grow. It's a fascinating read and I suggest it to anyone who has an interest in religion.

Happy Second Day of the Year
Love Britt