Thursday, January 20, 2011

8 is for Huit!


So I think my days just keep getting better and better. I rode the bus up to Riverdale Public Library and I talked to the Volunteer Coordinator about volunteering there. She asked me all types of questions like "Was I able to help people with the computer?, Did I have any experience with children?, What days would I be available?, and What time would I be available to come in to start volunteering?". I was asked a lot more questions but those are the only ones I remember. Then she told me that the last young person that they had volunteer for them, got a job at the library. So who knows, maybe I'll be a librarian. I could totally see it. I could wear my fake glasses and work at the library and let my bookworm self come full circle. I thought about it and if they offer me a job, I'm going to accept it. I think it would be a good place for me to start. But in the meantime I'm going to keep applying five times a day until I can find a job.

I'm so excited. I got my GED results in the mail today. I passed the GED Test and I now have my High School Diploma. It's like I finished High School in Florida. Now hopefully it will be a little bit easier to find a job. It just gives me one step up from all the rest. I'm so proud of myself. The score that I had to get was above or equal to 2250 and I came out with 2690. I think that is fantastic. I mean I attended the GED Class and I studied. I worked hard and I got what I deserved. Now I will have to work even harder if I want to get a job and  then eventually go to college to start my life long dream of becoming a veterinarian.

Now I'm off to complete my five applications for the day. I already did one for Petco. I applied to be a Grooming Assistant/Grooming Center Trainee. If I got this job, I would basically be trained to go into the Professional Pet Stylist business. I actually think that would be a good side career for me. I do enjoy working with animals and I think I could handle it. I think I have what it takes. Just think, I'd be able to go to college and be a groomer at the same time. Hmm, I think the possibilities are endless.

I have discovered though why banks make their Deposit Agreement and Disclosures For Personal Accounts Information so hard to read. They want to make it so impossible to read and revolting to look at that we just say the heck with it and don't even take the time to look at it. Well I'll show them, I plan to read it. It's probably very important. 

Well I'm done for today. Have a good night everyone.
Love Britt

P.S. The Hello of the Day is in Korean.