Wednesday, January 26, 2011

14 is for Quatorze!


Today was interesting. Well I guess you could call it what you like but it was interesting to me. The day started out kind of slow. I woke up two hours later than I wanted to and then the worst part is I didn't go on a walk like I usually do every morning. I don't know. As the day went on, it became frantic and rushed. I don't particularly like it when days get like this. But I didn't let the stress overwhelm me.

I'm so hungry, I think my stomach is trying to eat itself. I haven't eaten dinner yet. Hmm, I wonder what we are having. I hope it's good whatever it is.

I almost had a babysitting job set up for tomorrow. The woman needed a babysitter to watch over her son while her husband had to be dropped off at college(by the babysitter) and while she was at work. If I would of had my driver's license and a car I would have jumped for the chance. I'm glad she will consider me for the other babysitting job she needs help with in February. I really hope I get it. I'm not sure I"ll be able to get a steady income for a while. No one down here seems to be hiring. It would be nice but I'm going to have to stick to different more creative jobs. I might take up House Cleaning. I could get payed really well to clean houses that don't have tenants yet.

Well that's my day so far.

Love Britt

P.S. The Hello of the Day is in Serbian.