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10 is for Dix!

Barev Dzez,

Today was an awesome day. I got rid of some of my stir craziness that has been consuming me lately and celebrated my best best friend's birthday. My best friend Amanda turned eighteen today and we decided to celebrate by going to the Celtic Festival, the Renaissance Festival, and finally we went to see Tangled at the Regal movie theater.I planned the whole Tangled movie idea because I wanted to do something special for my best friend. She doesn't see her friends all the time and so I wanted to secretly invite her friends to see a movie. I thought it was pretty cool and her friends were pretty cool and I enjoyed talking to them. We all got along really well. Tangled is a hilarious movie and I suggest that everyone should check it out.

The Celtic Festival wasn't the greatest but while we were leaving I saw a sign for a Masquerade Ball that's being held somewhere in Fort Myers. I intend to find out more about. See if there's a age limit. I want to go. It sounds like a lot of fun. I'm going to talk Amanda into going with me. We should have bought a really old style costume. The other festival we went to was a lot of fun. We saw a jester, a jousting torment, and a washing wenches show. The Washing Wenches was the most weirdest and funniest thing I have ever seen. It was totally worth it. I also payed three dollars for a hot dog and Amanda got a turkey leg for eight dollars. We had to buy tickets though. I think Amanda said the Turkey Legs are cheaper at Disney World or something.

Well, now it's time to unwind. Talk to you tomorrow.
Love Britt

P.S. The Hello of the Day is in Armenian. Also I didn't read through this before I posted so sorry for any mistakes. I'll fix them after Merlin.


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