Thursday, January 13, 2011

1 is for Une!

Dia Duit,

So today is a fresh start from my previous series posts. I think I might stick to doing something interesting with numbers. For instance, I decided to put 1 is for...and the the french way of saying the number. I'm not sure if this confuses any of you. I think the way I am saying it makes it sound very confusing.  Then again maybe I am just imagining this strange confusion. I can't wait to get to my favorite number. I wonder if any of you can guess what number is my favorite. I bet you can't.

I love Mint Chocolate Oreo's. They are the freaking best ever. My only problem is that I can't eat very many during the day or they make my stomach hurt. But I just love their mint taste. It's just so good.

I sent out another resume and cover letter. I realized that  I might have forgotten to change the objection on all my resumes that I had sent out. I felt so embarrassed and now I'm not sure what I should do. Should I still call them and state that I made a mistake and that I sent them the wrong resume? I mean I could do that. It wouldn't be a lie because I am sending the resume with every cover letter that I send. I just don't know.

So, last Thursday, my dad sent me my PS3 and all the games that I bought that go with it. It should of been here like two days ago but I guess the northern states are getting a lot of snow which makes it hard to ship things by mail. I just hope it gets here soon and that someone doesn't steal it. I would be so upset if someone did that to me. Please let it get here soon.

I started the next book on my list, Banana Splitsville. 

Well that's all I have to talk about for today.
Love Britt

P.S. The Hello of the Day is in Irish.