Forbidden Ties

Have you ever wished that you did not exist? That you could become invisible. No one could see you.

Morgan Ann Livingstone never thought her life could change. A young adventuress who always wanted more. What if you could have that adventure but at a price? One day you woke up and you realize that you’re not the same person you use to be. One day you were walking with your friends and enjoying life...the next, wells that’s were this story begins…

Luke was just an average teenage boy. Life was simple. Go to school, come home and complete the process all over again the next day. One day his whole life fell beneath him when he saw her....

This book is currently being written. If you would like to read the first five chapters visit this page.

The Suicide Letter

One letter can change the fate of one woman. One letter will remind her of one lost ideal.

Twenty-two year old Emma Cornelia Lacey never thought life could change much for her. One day her fate changed when she received a letter in the mail. The letter was addressed to her and was written in her own handwriting. She even dotted the i’s with hearts. Five years ago, she had written herself a letter in her sophomore year of high school, in her College Prep English class. Emma had almost forgotten completely about the letter. But now holding the crisp edges of the envelope in her dainty fingers she prepared herself. Sliding a letter opener into the corner of the envelope she began to tear it open. Staring down at the opened envelope she sighed. It was time for her to take a hold of her destiny, literally. Pulling the letter out of its clean cut casing she closed her eyes, preparing for forgotten words.

The Light Chronicles: Willow

Will only wanted to fit in. Sadly she couldn't compare to any other teen.

Willow Crosswick always knew she was different. Her mother reassured her that being different was never a bad thing. But Will wasn't so sure. Will was different. She was like any other teenager except that she went to a school where the unnatural existed. Along with school were the almost uncanny abilities she had. Will saw things normal people didn't. A lot of people stayed away from her. They all thought she was some crazy chick that was better off in an Asylum. But maybe... just maybe... it's not so bad being crazy.

The light never seemed so inviting before....

This book is in the process of being written. If you would like to read the first few chapters then please visit this page.

The Destroyer

21 Years in the Future the world we know will come to an end.

On September 8th, 1991, a baby was born in Salem, Massachusetts. Little did her parents know that their only child would one day be the end of it all. The girl's parents decided to name their newborn daughter, Nykole, which means People of Victory. A child of victory she would one day become. On her 21st birthday, a new power will be awoken. The Old World will end that very same day. The Age of the Destroyer is very near.